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garden landscaping services North London

GreenFellas Landscape Gardeners in North London

Our services in the garden are the most common landscaping works that we can provide you with. Maybe you need a garden service or a garden makeover? Give GreenFellas gardeners a call today to find out more.

Our landscape gardening team can take care of your plants, install flower beds, help you plant various flowers, garden tidy up services and shrubs planting, plus we can mow the lawn.

If you have hedges that need to be pruned, we can do this for you as well. Plus, Greenfellas can set up a schedule where we take care of mowing your lawn, pruning hedges, pruning small trees and garden tidy ups, etc.


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Garden Transformation's from our Experts Landscape Gardeners

Have you just acquired a new property with a garden that is completely overgrown? You may want to start again from scratch, but garden clearance can be a time consuming and difficult project if you do it on your own.

This is why Greenfellas does garden clearance as part of our garden service. We can completely clear out an overgrown garden, so that you can start building the garden that you've always wanted.

Telephone Dave on 07707 143584 to find out more.

 We Provide:

If there are just some parts of your garden that have been neglected, we can perform a garden clearances and tidy ups, by mowing the lawn, removing overgrown plants, plus getting rid of any weeds and other unwanted plants that have taken root.

Tree & Shrubs & Garden Landscaping

Our expert garden landscapers can remove small trees and shrubs that you no longer want in your garden too. We will dispose of any waste in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, thus leaving your garden free of any debris after the work is done.

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Contact GreenFellas Landscape Gardeners in North London.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and receive a free quote. We can also send a gardener to your place in order to evaluate your needs better and to give you a more detailed quote for your project.

If you want to find out more about our landscape gardens simply take a look at the gardening page on our website. You can find pictures of garden work that we've undertaken for numerous clients in all areas of London. Over the years, we've completed thousands of garden landscaping jobs in North London, both large and small, so chances are, there is something that we can do for you as well.

Give Greenfellas a call today.

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