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Fence Maintenance, GreenFellas

fence maintenance If you've just gotten a timber fence installed in your garden, you might be looking for ways to make your fence maintenance last longer and be more resistant to the effects of the weather. If treated with the care that it deserves, a garden fence made from timber can actually last for many decades. It adds value to your home and makes your garden a more beautiful place to be in. To get the most out of your new fence, here are some tips to follow:

Get information on the recommended fence maintenance
Your fence installer in North London should give you some advice on how to best maintain your fence. This is because there are many different kinds of timber which is used in fences which can have various maintenance requirements.

Inspect your fence regularly
Look at your fence for sign of damage or rot. If found, contact a North London fencing services specialist for repairs. Small damage that is left neglected can turn into an expensive job quite fast.

Keep your fence clean
Leaves that fall on the fence should be cleared regularly, as they can trap moisture which can speed up the formation of rot on the fence.

Apply the recommended treatment to your fence
Many kinds of timber fences will require that a treatment be applied once in a while. Usually, this will range from once a year to once every few years. Apply the product by following the instructions given to you by your fencing installer. This will protect your fence from damage caused by water and other elements.

Watch where your sprinkler sprays water
While using a sprinkler system may be quite convenient when watering your garden, be careful as to where you let it spray water. A sprinkler that sprays on your fence continuously can damage it in the long run.

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